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What to consider when ordering trophies,  plaques, and other awards.

At Rocky Mountain Artistic Designs, we believe in tangible symbols of appreciation that are worthy of outstanding accomplishments and reflect the care you took in selecting recipients. Think about how much effort and money go into an award ceremony: the venue, the food, the drinks, the decorations. Does the award the honorees take home and keep as a memento for many years reflect that same consideration?

We wanted to offer some points to have in mind as you start your awards shopping, whether you purchase from us or elsewhere. (And, of course, we would be honored and thrilled to work with you!)

  • Does the award match your brand? If your company or group has strong environmental values, choose awards, trophies and plaques made from sustainable materials. Are you all about design? Your awards can be well-designed works, too. Choose an award that you’ll feel pride in presenting (after all, the quality of the award also reflects on you or your organization).
  • Will the award convey the magnitude of the accomplishment you’re honoring? A nice heft conveys “hey, this is a pretty big honor” (think about Oscar winners who always exclaim about the heaviness of that statuette). Fine materials signal prestige and long-lasting quality, and hand-craftsmanship beautifully symbolizes the recipient’s hard work that went into earning the award.
  • Will the award stand the test of time? Of course, you want your recipient to be thrilled when he or she receives the award, but what happens after the presentation? Look for an award that you can picture being proudly displayed for years on a desktop, mantle or other place of honor instead of forgotten in a desk drawer or closet. That means choosing a design that’s not only striking, but timeless. Such an award becomes a source of lasting joy and pride for the recipient. It can serve as a conversation starter about the honor, which gives your recipient a chance to relive a fond memory and even spreads inspiration and positive feelings to others. 

We hope we’ve made your award-shopping a little easier. If you have other questions, we’re happy to help. Just drop us a note in the contact us section, click the request button above or email us at  .